Collecting art is not enough. It is important to take proper care of the artworks. Here are 5 simple tips to ensure the art stays in a way that can be preserved for generations beyond.


1. Frame them right

UV rays cause the artworks to fade and the mediums brittle. While the galleries or museums have careful lighting installed to protect the artworks from sunlight, hanging artwork at home can be a matter of concern. Keep your canvasses in a spot where a beam of sunlight wouldn’t pass across.

When framing the artworks on paper, make sure the framer uses a UV protective glass; especially if you want to hang them in a room that gets plenty of sunlight. Also, check if your framer offers archival or a semi conservation mounting and backing. Cardboard backing can cause the frames to become yellow in about 5 years of time.

2. Be careful about Damp & Mould

Framed and sealed artwork can eventually develop mould in a damp environment. So, take care where you want to hang them. Artworks of paper are also susceptible to cockling, i.e. bottom of the paper rippling when exposed to damp environment. Take extra care if you want to hang the works in your bathroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, there are no ways to make an artwork waterproof or damp proof for that matter.

3. Unroll as quick as possible

Paper has a memory. If you get an artwork on paper in a tube, don’t delay much in taking it out and flattening it. If you can’t take it to a framer right away, put it in a folder or find a creative method to hang it.  The longer it is rolled, the stronger the memory on the paper will be.

4. Keep your frames white and sparkling

If it matches with the artwork, frame them in white. White frames blend in seamlessly into white walls and make all artworks look new and clean. However, it might be tough to maintain the whiteness of the frames. Dust, finger prints or drips can show up ruining the sparkle.  Well, get one of the readily available ammonia-based cleaners and clean them using a microfibre cloth. They work wonders and will help you maintain the fresh clean look.

5.Get a strong hook

It is important to know the kind of wall you are about to hang the artwork on and the hook should be strong enough to bear the weight of the framed artwork. Velcro or adhesive hooks can work for lighter works for some time but eventually they will wear off. It is always good to put in some extra effort for long run.