Choosing the perfect painting for your home or workspace can be quite a chore. Here are factors you should consider while choosing an artwork that will be just right for your space.


Artworks adorning the wall are quite impactful on the energy and mood of the person in that room. For example, If you lead a busy life, a painting with harmonious colours and gentle lines will help you relax. Colours like yellow and orange can bring you joy. The right painting can be therapeutic. It can be something that you want to wake up to or come home to. Infact, going by VastuShashtra or Feng Shui, the right painting can bring you abundance, success, prosperity and harmony.

Subject Matter

Images have the power to trigger emotions. So, paintings that remind you of what makes you happy can be a good choice to keep in your drawing area while you can place one which reminds you of your goals or ambition in your workplace. For example, if you love travelling to the mountains, a landscape painting can be a perfect choice as it would remind you of the traveller in you.


Do you have a hobby that you love? Then put up paintings that reflects your interest. For example, if you are a lover of cinema, the portrait above, a collage of leading ladies of the Indian Cinema can be a perfect pick for you. Artworks of these kind are also great conversation starter.

Decor Enhancer

A painting can be a great way to enhance your Room decor. The colour, mood, texture, form, line of a painting can complement the existing décor of room and portrays the taste of people staying there. When chosen carefully, a painting can highlight the existing decor or can draw attention to a specific area of decor piece.


Whether the painting to be bought is on portrait, landscape of square orientation, shall depend upon the wall space. A landscape orientation may work well at a drawing room, whereas portrait orientation will be the perfect choice for a hallway. Artworks should complement the available wall space as well. A Painting should have sufficient space around it, in order not to clash with the existing decor.

Level of Realism

From life like figurines to pieces that incorporates just basic elements of colour, decide the level of realism that is pleasing to you. An abstract art gives a lot of room for interpretation whereas the subject is easily recognized in a realistic painting.

Investment value

Artworks don’t just serve the purpose of accentuating a space. When chosen carefully, they also can be sold later at a profit. It might be so that the investor might not personally like or display the artwork but for others, the work might be of great value. It is always a great idea to buy work of a promising emerging artist and sell later at a profit.

The Wow factor

Artworks have power to capture hearts. It might happen so that a painting catches your eyes and makes your heart beat but you don’t know what really makes you feel that way. Most of the times the passion and emotion that an artist projects into an artwork connects with the viewer on a subconscious level. It might trigger an emotional response of memory of a significant experience. In this case , the collector forms a personal connect with the image.

Do you have a painting which you adore? Does it have a story to tell? Write to us in comments. And if you have still not collected any artwork, what are you waiting for? Armed with our superb checklist, browse through and spice up those bare walls.