While decorating a room, wall art often gets dealt with last. However, when chosen with care, the right wall art can be pivotal for the entire room. In our view, Wall art matters most in interior design. However, it might be so that your room décor is already done and you want a wall art to accentuate the existing place. Well, this article will guide you to do that as well.

1 Let art bring out a colour palette

It might get daunting to choose a colour palette for your room. The array of shades available might leave you a bit clueless and confused. Deciding on a wall art that you want to place in the room can take away all the confusion. Once you find a wall art or a painting that you would like to hang in the room, allow it to inspire you to decide on your room’s color palette. Pick two or three shades from the painting that you would like to incorporate in your décor. One of them would be the dominant colour and the others would serve as accents. Choose your paint, furnitures and other accessories according to the colour palette.

2 Use art to create a focal point

A single design element which will instantly draw the eye and provide the viewer with a sense of the space is extremely important in any interior design. A wall art serves well to fulfil this requirement. When choosing an artwork to be a focal point, consider its size above all. A big artwork might overwhelm the entire design, whereas a small one can get lost in the surroundings. Take measurement of the available space and choose your artwork wisely. Don’t forget to keep some space around the artwork as it provides some breathing space.

3 Wall art makes a space feel complete

An intelligently placed artwork can take a space from being just a functional to a tastefully done area. It is that extra touch that can help pull a space together and make it appear finished. If the décor is done already, choose a piece artwork which fits in with the decorating style of the entire room. Keep in mind that this bit of décor would be unchanged for many years to come so choose your artwork wisely and experience your space coming alive.

So, what are you waiting for?

Browse our gallery to choose the artwork that is just right for your space. Use the above guidelines and design your space yourself